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Donald Trump Is a Terrible Gift Giver, Say Daniel Radcliffe and Charlie Sheen

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Trump: the Giver of Gifts

Seneca the Younger once said that “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.”

Thousands of years later, the message still holds true. In fact, you can tell an awful lot about someone based on the gifts they give you, and as Seneca pointed out, even if the gifts themselves aren’t revealing, the message behind them is.

As all conversations tend to end up about Donald Trump these days, it really isn’t surprising that people from all walks of life are beginning to weigh in on the subject, if not for political bearing, then merely for the fun anecdote.

This week alone, both Charlie Sheen and Daniel Radcliffe had stories to share about Donald Trump, and each story included a strange gift the actors were given from the boisterous presidential hopeful.

You’d think a guy of his wealth would be more generous…

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We can learn a lot about Trump from these gifts.

Charlie Sheen

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Needless to say, Charlie Sheen has fallen from grace over the past six years. That doesn’t stop him from sharing a hilarious story that sheds some major light onto the type of person Donald Trump really is.

In a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Charlie Sheen conveyed his dislike of Donald Trump through an interesting anecdote in which Sheen was the victim of a bait-and-switch at the hands of the business mogul.

Referring to Trump as a charlatan, Sheen explains that some years back, Sheen and his then-fiancée, Brooke, were at dinner when they saw Donald Trump sitting not too far away with his wife Melania. Trump then approached him and apologized that he couldn’t make it to the wedding, but Charlie informs us that this was preposterous since Trump was never invited in the first place.

Still, to show his well wishes, Trump decided to give Charlie what appeared to be a very generous gift.

Cheap Imitations

In a gracious offer, Donald Trump removed his own cufflinks and presented them to Charlie Sheen, informing him that they were platinum with authentic Harry Winston diamonds. On the surface, this is an incredible and very humbling gesture, akin to taking the shirt off your own back to give to somebody who needs it more than you. And while it’s a superfluous display of wealth, it also goes to show how genuine Trump can be. Or so Sheen thought.

Some time later, Sheen had the cufflinks appraised. In his own words, the appraiser “recoiled” upon inspecting them, stating that they were cheap pewter and bad zirconia “in their finest moment.”

“What does this really say about the man?” prompted Sheen. “You know that he said, ‘Here’s a great wedding gift,’ and it’s really just a bag of dog sh*t?”

But Sheen wasn’t the only one to receive a bizarrely telling gift from Trump.