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Donald Trump Is a Terrible Gift Giver, Say Daniel Radcliffe and Charlie Sheen

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Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe rose to worldwide stardom at the young age of eleven when he was cast as the title character in the Harry Potter movies. Thankfully, both Radcliffe and his costars adjusted to fame, very much without the help of Donald Trump.

Radcliffe went on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week, and, as most conversations tend to do these days, their talk drifted to the topic of Donald Trump.

As it turns out, Radcliffe had met Donald Trump during his very first TV talkshow interview when he appeared on the Today show while still eleven years old. The two personalities found each other backstage, where Trump imparted some very strange advice upon Radcliffe.

I wouldn’t even know how to react to this…

Playing his Trump Card

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Radcliffe explained to Seth Meyers how scared he was before his first major interview and that he shared these feelings with Donald Trump, whom he had heard of but didn’t really know. Confessing to the business mogul that he had no idea what he would talk about on the show, Trump came back at Radcliffe with this egotistical advice:

“You just tell them you met Mr. Trump.”

The advice is absurd and goes to show just how full of himself Donald Trump truly is, even going back fifteen years. In his interview, Radcliffe handles the story tactfully, passing it off as Trump’s impressive confidence and bravado instead of pure narcissism.

So what do you think about these gifts? The cufflinks story is just plain strange, but Daniel Radcliffe’s story sounds like a weak attempt at self-promotion for Trump. What would Seneca have thought about the self-centered intentions behind these gifts? SHARE this!