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Donald Trump Walk of Fame Star Constantly Vandalized, Here Are the Best Photos

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You’re Fired

Donad Trump may be spitting his rhetoric and running his mouth all over the country, he’s coming under attack most of all in downtown Hollywood.

Though Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been there since 2007, it’s never been more popular than in recent months as it’s become the victim of an endless barrage of vandalism and random acts of violence.

From being spray painted with a swastika to being outright defecated on both by humans and lower beasts, Donald’s once-shining star is gaining plenty of media attention lately as numerous protestors come to the site to deface the name of the man they have so come to hate since his campaign began.

Just wait till you see how bad it’s gotten!

trump anna_hetzer

Source: Trump @anna_hetzer

See what they’ve done to Trump’s star so far…

“Don’t vote Donald Trump” “Trump is a chump”

trump WorldOfK_

Source: Twitter @WorldOfK_

This person articulated their opinion pretty clearly!

The swastika says it all.

trump So2012Trust

Source: Twitter @So2012Trust

Numerous journalists have likened Trump’s growing popularity to Hitler’s rise to power.