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Donald Trump Was Just Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

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Even past winners have been criticized as well, such as Fritz Haber (1918). Though his fertilizer production methods now help to feed half the world’s population, he’s also called “the father of chemical warfare” for weaponizing poisonous gases like chlorine.

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Not only did he develop chemical weapons, he pushed for their use in warfare.

In 1948, the Nobel Committee refused to award the Peace Prize to favorite nominee Mahatma Gandhi, citing that they could not give the award to somebody who was deceased (Gandhi died in January, 1948). Instead, nobody won the award that year.

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You think they could have made an exception.

Long story short, the Nobel Peace Prize nomination and voting process isn’t a perfect system. But before you worry too much that Donald Trump – flamboyant racist and xenophobe – might win the award, just remember that he’s got plenty of competition, including Greek islanders who helped refugees, Angela Merkel, and Pope Francis (as per reports).

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