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Donald Trump’s $100,000 Donation to Louisiana Flood Relief Efforts Actually Went to Hate Group

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And he donated Play-Doh… maybe

Donald Trump may be seen as a smart man by some, but he’s been doing things that make him seem not-so-smart. During this heated race to the presidential office between the conservative Trump and more liberal Hillary Clinton, Trump felt that there would be no better way than to look like he’s helping others than to head on down to the flood-ravaged areas of Louisiana. Why? For a quick photo opportunity and a few handshakes despite the governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, begging him not to turn his trip into a publicity stunt. Bel asked that instead Trump should donate a sizable sum of money to flood relief efforts through a trusted organization. Trump really didn’t listen to any of that.

Trump is being ridiculed in the press most recently for seeming like a fraud during his Louisiana trip, and giving his cash to a church run by a man who runs an anti-gay organization. So what’s fact and what’s fiction in this Trump Flood Relief debacle? Let’s clear it up right now.

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We need food and water, not toys. Kthanks.

A Disaster in Louisiana

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This month, areas of Louisiana were nearly destroyed when torrential rain poured down for days on end and flooded cities sometimes above rooftops. 60,000 homes were affected by the flood waters, and thousands of people, pets, and wildlife simply still have nowhere to go now. Donations and volunteers have rushed to the area to try and save as many lives and homes as possible although the federal government hasn’t done as much as private citizens and businesses have to lessen the devastation. That’s when Trump stepped up and wrote a brave tweet.

Trump Starts Tweeting

Trump’s first move in this disaster was to admonish President Obama for not ending his Martha’s Vineyard vacation early to lend a hand during the flooding, which in Trump’s defense was an opinion shared by many. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards suggested that Trump should perhaps give some money to a reputable flood relief organization if he himself wanted to help out, and that he definitely shouldn’t come here to make a mockery of the situation and take photos to help himself in his presidential bid. Trump said no to both of those ideas.