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Donald Trump’s Son Sent a Suspicious White Powder With Threat Letter

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Eric Trump’s wife opened the letter, which contained a white, powdery substance inside along with an ominous letter.

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Source: Twitter ‏@scsidnikufesin

According to reports, the letter warned Trump that if he did not drop out of the race soon, harm would come to his children and family.

Police later deemed the powdery substance to not be hazardous.

As if that weren’t scary enough, Donald Trump’s sister Maryanne, a federal judge in Pennsylvania, received another threatening letter on Friday, March 18.

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Credit: AFP/ Getty Images

78-year-old Maryanne Trump Barry is now the latest Trump family member to receive threatening mail, leaving the family on edge and indicating the scary start of a pattern of potential violence.

Disagree as we might with his means, message, and politics, neither Trump or his family deserve threats or harm, so we can only hope that these letters remain the empty threats they are.

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