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Don’t Be A Social Media Douche — “Be Like Bill”

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Thou Shalt Not Drag Others Down Memory Lane

OMG, 7 years ago today you and 4 friends were throwing up the deuces and putting on a duck face for a selfie?! Fascinating! Keep reading to find out how Bill feels about the weather, food porn, and selfies.

Thou Shalt Not Be The Weatherman

Everybody loves snow, but once you know it’s snowing, you know it’s snowing. Leave the weather forecasting to the professionals, they’re usually more accurate than you anyway. Well, sometimes.

Thou Shalt Not Be A Wannabe Food Critic

Unless you’re eating at a 5-star restaurant and taking a macro closeup of your foie gras with a DSLR, you can keep your meal between you and your stomach.