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Don’t Get Into The Wrong Uber… Here’s Why

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This makes me wanna throw up

guy in car with head in hands

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There are reports of some despicable Uber drivers claiming passengers vomited in their cars, requiring the requisite $200 clean up fee that goes straight to the driver. There are only a handful of these puke claims and it’s quite the clever scam since many drunken people do take Ubers.

The surge

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Source: Twitter @brianstelter

Any Uber rider knows about Surge pricing. It’s when the price of ride goes up during busy times of the day when demand is higher. It also encourages more drivers to get on the road because of the prospect of more money. This past New Year’s Eve was obviously a very busy time for Uber since it’s a big drinking holiday. The app always lets you know when fares increase, but many complained about rides that cost hundreds of dollars even though they only lasted 15 minutes.

If you are drunk enough that you don’t notice the alert for a crazy surge price, maybe you should think about giving your phone to a friend who can help you hail your Uber.

Getting robbed

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In September of last year, there were reports of fake Ubers robbing people in Chicago. Police said there were two incidents of men in a black car pulling up and inviting the person waiting for an Uber into their car. Then the suspects would rob them of their debit cards and pin number information.

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