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Dwayne Johnson’s Fitness Challenge for Veterans

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Getting Fit for Good

Wrestling superstar-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is admired by men and women of the armed forces; he uses his stardom to raise awareness about issues facing our soldiers. Some of the most common issues that veterans of Middle Eastern conflicts face is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and mental illness, that can lead to suicide. Although the figures are hotly-debated, it is believed that about 22 veterans commit suicide every day because they don’t have access to the proper financial and medical help they need.

But there are a few celebrities who are advocating on the behalf of former soldiers at risk, and The Rock has decided join their forces. He completed a push-up challenge in order to raise awareness for vets in need and is recruiting others to the cause.

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Will you be completing the #22pushupchallenge?

The Rock’s Compassion

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While Dwayne Johnson never served in the military, he serves as an inspiration to soldiers and civilians alike for his emphasis on fitness and his compassion towards others. The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation which helps at-risk and terminally-ill children has been in operation for a decade now. On one occasion Dwayne was challenged to do some push-ups for a good cause.


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The #22pushupchallenge is a viral campaign created by a U.K.-based veteran charity called Combat Stress, which seeks to raise funds that will help prevent soldier suicide. The American-leg of the challenge began when a fan tagged a famous American actor on Twitter and asked him to complete the challenge.