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Dwayne Johnson’s Fitness Challenge for Veterans

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Celebs Getting Involved

chris pratt and anna farris

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Actors Chris Pratt and Anna Farris, who are married, completed the #22pushupchallenge this week. They then passed on the challenge to John Krasinski, Vincent D’Onofrio, and The Rock who was happy not only to complete the challenge, but to inspire hope in people that are feeling like suicide may be their best option. Watch The Rock do 22 push-ups next!

Watch The Rock complete the challenge!

Dwayne easily completes the 22 push-ups and has enough energy to talk to his dog and laugh. His challenge ended with him challenging comedian Kevin Hart, JJ Watt, and the first black female to win a gold medal in individual swimming, Simone Manuel. He ended his video stating to any veterans watching, “If you’re going through it, we’re thinking about you, and you’re not alone.” His fellow challengers also completed their sets with adorable dogs along.

John Krasinski completes the challenge

The #22pushupchallenge has no signs of slowing down as celebrities challenge multiple people when they’re done. As we know from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, raising awareness and funds for a cause using an interesting task can do good. For those who love to run, you can learn about a 22-mile run for vet suicide prevention at We hope that you will be moved by this terrifying statistic and will help to reduce veteran suicide.

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