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Eerie Photos of the Titanic Sinking

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The story didn’t end when the Titanic sank…

Even 104 years after the maritime tragedy, the sinking of the Titanic continues to fascinate us.

From movies to Broadway plays, the story has been told in various formats, but none are more impactful than the authentic photos that documented the tragedy and its immediate aftermath.

Take a rare glimpse into history and heartbreak with these photographs that show the rescue aboard the Carpathia, the families swarming the docks to learn if their loved ones survived, even the very iceberg they believe was responsible for the shipwreck. Incredible.

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Source: Twitter @dfest88

Relive the disaster here…

The Iceberg

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Credit: Universal History Archive/ Getty Images

After the tragedy, sailors found a damaged iceberg with chipped paint on it, thus identifying it as the most infamous iceberg in history. The captain of the Carpathia, the ship which rescued Titanic survivors, noted the icy conditions of the water the morning after the disaster and remarked that he was thankful he wasn’t behind the helm the night before.

Frederick Fleet (24) was the lookout who first saw the iceberg.

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Credit: Harris and Ewing/ Library of Congress

Conditions were difficult that night, with no moon and no wind to help make the ice more visible.