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Elderly Man Robs Bank, Tells Police: ‘I’d Rather Be in Jail Than Home With My Wife’

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Anti-Getaway Plan

lawrence john ripple mugshot

Source: Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office

Lawrence simply walked over to a chair in the lobby and took a seat. He wasn’t tired, he wasn’t ill, he was just waiting for the inevitable. A bank guard approached him, and he handed over the money with no issue, saying, “I’m the guy you’re looking for.” He didn’t want the cash after all. Minutes later, the real treat came in. Lawrence was relieved to see the police who took him into custody.

Sweet Relief

police officer at the scene

Credit: FeyginFoto/Shutterstock

So when the cops asked Lawrence why he committed a federal crime and gave up so easily, he explained that he just needed to escape his home life. He stated that he “no longer wanted to be in that situation.” I don’t know who I feel worse for in this story, but I do feel bad that Lawrence felt the need to subject himself to imprisonment to escape a bad marriage. He will be in jail for at least a few years, but maybe they’ll be the happiest years he’s ever lived. Much of the prison population is aging rapidly, and lawmakers are having to deal with the care of elderly prisoners who require a lot of medical attention.

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