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English Words You DEFINITELY Don’t Want to Use in Other Countries

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“A different language is a different vision of life.” – Federico Fellini

English is a really tough language, even as your first. We have words that all sound the same, but mean different things and are spelled differently: pair, pare and pear. Also, some of our words have superfluous letters like the “g” in “through”.

Learning English is no easy feat for those who are learning it as a second or third language. It’s amazing how many words and sentiments get lost in translation. Also, other languages have words or phrases that we don’t have, like the German “lebensmüde” which means “life tired”. But what about English words that are hilarious to other people? While we may laugh at the common Chinese last name, Wang, keep in mind that others are also laughing at us.

jackie chan drawing wtf

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Do you know any words that are funny in other tongues?

English: “Pet”

keep calm with dog

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French for “fart”. I love my pets.

English: “Kiss”

no kiss sign with lips

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Swedish for “pee”. You shouldn’t kiss on the mouth.