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Ever Wish You Could Give Advice To Your Younger Self? This Inspiring Video Proves It’s Possible

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Life’s Lessons Don’t Come Easy

So don’t you wish there was a way to go back and tell your former self all the things you know now that you wish you’d known then.

The thing is, that would take a time machine, and unfortunately as of now, nobody’s figured out that doozy. However, the people at WireTap from CBC Radio One had a genius idea for their farewell video that brought us one step closer to this reality.

In this moving video, people from toddlers to centenarians give advice to people of a younger age based on the lessons they learned having been there already. The result is a stunning and impactful video that might just move you to tears.

Source: YouTube @CBC

See the amazing lessons given below, and don’t forget to SHARE this story with your loved ones – they deserve all the great advice they can get.

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