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Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Left Your Love Life in Someone Else’s Hands?

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Interactive dating has reached new heights

I know. Dating sucks. I’ve been on countless first dates and not many second ones and have written dozens of horror stories about bad meetups. With the help of apps like OKCupid, Tinder, and Bumble, I can chat with multiple people at once and even set up two or three dates a week: which speeds up the process, but not the quality of singles. With so much failure, at some point I begin to think it’s not them, it’s me. I’m too picky or I don’t give the guy a chance or I have verbal diarrhea.

So what if I had a dating manager. As in, someone who chooses my dates for me? Sure, you might ask your friends for input, but what about the opinion of total strangers? Well we’ve got the brand new Millennial way to date and it’s more fun than you think. This video dating involves you, the viewer, controlling someone’s love life. Intrigued yet?

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Your mate is outta your hands now

Throwback Thirst

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When we were kids, before the internet, we had to make do with 2D video games, board games, and ERMAHGERD! BERKS! If you are like me, you tore up Ramona Quimby, Encyclopedia Brown, and The Babysitters Club. Ok, maybe not that last one. Throwing yourself into a book worked your imagination, helped with critical thinking and, well, catapulted you into another world of adventure.

Ask any Gen X’er about the Choose Your Own Adventure books and watch as their eyes light up in nostalgia. If you aren’t familiar with these books, they were a series in a niche category known as gamebooks. The reader is the protagonist and he or she is able to make decisions on where they want to take the story. A goblin appears? You can choose to fight it or run away. Most of the time I’d end up dying which threw me into fits of rage. I learned about disappointment, but not coping skills.

But what do these books have to do with modern dating?

Modern Love

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What if we used this Choose Your Own Adventure format to include the internet? Instead of fantasy kids stuff let’s base it around real life romance. Yes, you can play god and control someone’s dating life from the comfort and anonymity of your computer. What an age to live in!

What happens in this video is that you, my dear reader, get to meet the eligible bachelor or bachelorette and decide who you want the protagonist to go out with. Of course, like with IRL dating, there are successes and there are flops. But you get to be there to witness the action, you kinky voyeur you.