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Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Left Your Love Life in Someone Else’s Hands?

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Et Tu?

bad date at the movies

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In an age where our dating lives are much more public as they once were, it’s hard not to live vicariously through someone else’s experiences. Sure, you can read articles and blog about Tinder or look at your friend’s OKCupid profile. But what if you were taken to a modernized dating game show? Would your trust strangers to pick someone appropriate? What about trolls who just want to mess with your life and laugh at you? Putting yourself out there is hard enough, but putting yourself at the mercy of strangers? This is next level dating!

Let’s Do This Thang!

choose my date still

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In our first Adventure, we meet Sally. She’s newly single and ready to mingle. Sally is presented with three potential suitors. A cop, a poet, and a bartender. Choose which one you want her to go out with and then watch their date unfold. It doesn’t stop there. You can then choose how you want Sally to react to various situations. Check out the interactive video next.

Do it! Do it now!

Watch the trailer below and click HERE to play the game!

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