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Exclusive Interview With a Poké-Artist

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Will Poké-art be the next big thing?

Pokémon Fever has swept the nation and is set to take over the rest of the smartphone-laden world shortly. The all-to-addictive Pokémon GO is making its players search their cities by foot to find elusive, little creatures through an augmented reality system, then train the creatures to fight with other players for glory and bragging rights.

Pokémon has been around since the ‘90s, but its renewed popularity is explosive. People are so affected by the craze that some have been inspired to create art based on the game. In New Orleans, a Pikachu statue mysteriously popped up in a public park overnight. The residents enjoy it so much, the city decided to let it remain. Others are putting virtual ink to paper to express their feelings about Pokémon. James Coffron’s stellar artwork caught our eye, and we spoke to him about his fascination with the cute, little animals that don’t even exist.

pikachu statue

Source: Instagram @qtr_mile_at_a_time

You haven’t seen Pokémon like this before!


pikachu dark art


Warped Speed: So why did you create this Poké-art?

Coffron: You mean Pokémonstrosities right? Pokémon seemed like a fun challenge to make into gritty nightmarish creatures. Initially there were only two: Weezing and Pikachu. I painted Pikachu and collaborated with Stephen Oakley on Weezing. Shortly after, Kotaku picked them up and wrote a little article about them. I figured that if people got such a kick out of just two, there should be more. So, once in a while between projects, I would contact a fellow artist to collaborate, or just work solo and create another Monstrosity. There are only seven, but they are getting a lot of attention now, and I feel obliged to continue and give the people what they want!

A Little Adventure

cloyster dark art


Warped Speed: Is there something that you have to say about the current craze over Pokémon GO?

Coffron: I think it was a great idea. The game seems to throw a little adventure in people’s lives, giving them an excuse to get out of the house.

Warped Speed: Why did you portray them so differently than in the show and game?

Coffron: I just love creating monsters, and making creepy and unsettling art! Taking something so cute and cuddly and reversing the mood is tons of fun!