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Extreme Examples of People Cheating on Exams

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How Far Would You Go for the A?

Think back to your school days and you might remember the seemingly endless tests, exams, and pop quizzes that stressed you out so much at the time. How many hours of your life have you spent studying?

Nowadays standardized tests are always in the news, with various states and districts arguing about how, when, and why they administer them. Is so much testing even good for students, or will it push them to harmful extremes?

Now here’s the real question: have you ever cheated on a test? From our younger days it feels like cheating was always the plot of some kids’ movie or TV show, but who was brave enough (or dumb enough) to actually try it in school?

Sure, you might remember that kid that would peer over his desk in class hoping to grasp an answer from another student, but what’s the most extreme measure you’ve ever seen someone take to cheat?

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These crazy methods of cheating will make you admire the creative abilities of desperate kids!


cheat 1

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This takes some serious skill!

cheat 2

Source: Imgur/ vanillamilksheikh