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Eye-Opening Social Experiment Shows How Biased We Truly Are, Even to Children

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The Worst Part

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Source: Facebook @UNICEF

As if the reactions of the bystanders weren’t telling enough, the experiment became so real after one man treated “poor” Anano particularly cruelly, that the young actress ran out crying and the experiment had to be called off for a time. Even the girl who knew best what was happening was so taken aback by people’s spiteful actions towards her “poor” appearance that she was overcome with emotion.

“Every child has the right to a fair chance in life,” UNICEF reminds us. “But around the world, millions of children are trapped in an intergenerational cycle of disadvantage that endangers their futures – and the future of their societies. We have a choice: invest in the most excluded children now or risk a more divided and unfair world. Find out more in the State of the World’s Children 2016.”

Keep reading to watch the social experiment for yourself! Which side would you be on?

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Would you help a child in need? Or would what you’ve been taught by family and society dictate your actions, purely based on the outward appearance of a child that might desperately need your help?

Every time we ignore somebody in distress on the street or in public, we may be thinking first for our personal safety, and that’s no crime. But when we refuse to acknowledge the existence of a small child solely because they look dirty or poor, that is when we need to reevaluate our morals and priorities.

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