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Facts That Seem Fake but Are Actually True

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Facts You’ll Have to Look Up to Believe

It’s wild to stop and think about how many misconceptions or straight-up lies we grow up believing in. As I get older, something I find myself always looking forward to are the occasional humbling moments when I learn that something I held to be true turns out to be totally wrong. Learning doesn’t stop with school.

Conversely, it’s just as much fun to hear facts that sound absolutely unbelievable until you do a little research only to learn that they are 100% true. A turn of phrase or a random truth taken out of context can play with your mind and seemingly defy logic before you fully understand it. In honor of these truly wild fun facts, we’ve put together a little list of mind-blowing facts that you won’t believe until you read a little about them. Some are insightful, some are bizarre, and some are just plain crazy.

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Impress you friends with these crazy-but-true facts!

It All Makes Sense

fun facts electric chair


The electric chair was invented by a dentist. (Back2Bach)

Both a dentist and inventor, Alfred P. Southwick of Buffalo, New York, was inspired to invent a more humane form of euthanasia (specifically for stray dogs) after the increasing frequency of deaths caused by electrocution shortly before the turn of the century. This form of execution went into effect in New York state on January 1, 1889, and the first person killed this way was William Kemmler on August 6, 1890. Southwick reportedly said of the event, “There is the culmination of ten years work and study! We live in a higher civilization from this day.”

Leap of Faith

fun facts elvita adams empire state building

Source: Twitter @agabante

A woman named Elvita Adams tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Empire State Building, but a strong gust of wind blew her into the floor below and she survived and got a fractured hip. (cookinggaybro)

An extremely similar situation happened to a man in April, 2013. Security guards were able to get to him after he landed on the 85th floor with minor injuries.