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Family Chicken Lays GIANT Egg, You’ll Be Shocked When You See What’s Inside

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Hen Lays Mystery Egg

extra large egg

Source: The Sentinel

Wendy the hen laid a very big egg. So big that it trumped all the other hen’s procurements and was still several times the other eggs’ sizes. Holding the 167 gram egg, Wendy’s owner Emma Postlethwaite, who lives in Sussex, England, couldn’t wait to see what exactly made the egg so extraordinarily large. Quadruplets perhaps?

Emma said: “I opened the coop and saw it, it was just huge. I just couldn’t believe how big it was. I have not seen anything like this.”

Find out what it was she found inside the egg that has this viral video trending…

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An Egg Within an Egg

giant egg

Source: Newsteam/SWNS

Instead of just cracking open the egg immediately to see what was inside Emma decided that she might as well put the egg to good use and cook it for breakfast. What she found when she cracked it over the pan was the contents of any other typical egg PLUS another smaller egg! “Like Russian nesting dolls!” she exclaims. She said her mind was scrambled by the surprise and that the reaction to egg’s contents on Facebook has been one of amazement.

And Then What?

woman's reaction to seeing giant egg

Source: Newsteam/SWNS

Not knowing what to do next Emma cracks open the second egg. Unfortunately a third one wasn’t resting on the second, but her family’s breakfast still had a 2-for-1 deal! Adorably her two-year-old son Austin points to the pan and shouts “egg!”