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Family Claims Lesbian Couple Jailed In Kuwait for 25 Years Because of Lifestyle

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Each time we enter a foreign country, we understand that we are to respect the customs, rules, and laws of its government and peoples.

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Source: Twitter @repubblicait

When it comes to LGBT rights, however, humanitarian organizations such as Amnesty International argue that sexual orientation transcends national laws and pertains to human rights, which no sovereign government should be able to limit or infringe upon.

Now, Monique’s mother has started a petition at to bring this case to the US government’s attention and to bring her daughter and girlfriend home.

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Source: Facebook @Free Monique and Larissa

Monique’s mother writes, “To this day, I cannot understand how the US government has allowed them to remain in prison. They were not in possession of an illegal substance, yet their freedom and belongings have been taken away from them. They are being held captive in a foreign land for a crime they did not commit, with no help in sight.

“I need all of you who read this to help me send a message to the US Government, and ask them to do what is right and get Monique and Larissa out of jail and bring them home. This injustice cannot stand. Please sign my petition.”

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