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Famous Dead People Who Would Be SHOCKED by What We Think of Them Today

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Regrets From Beyond the Grave…

One of history’s biggest flaws is that, for so many individuals, groups, movements, and events, we can’t be 100% sure about everything that was done or said. And still we study it, taking into account the time and place, the larger context, what lead to the matter of hand, and the implications it had in later history.

Of course there are witness accounts, personal testimonies, living wills, and other primary documents that can help us understand exactly what it is we’re looking at when we try and understand the motives and thought processes of some of history’s most important figures. But chances are we’re still getting something wrong.

Just as it’s impossible to understand any historical person or event in 100% detail, we learn through generalizations, coming to associate them with prominent memories or single phrases. And some of these famous people probably wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Redditors were asked which famous dead people would be most shocked by what we think about them today, and THIS is what they came up with! From great people who did terrible things to terrible people who did great things, here’s what these dead celebrities would think of their lasting reputation today…

anne frank read my diary

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What will you be remembered for?

William Henry Harrison

william henry harrison dead


I bet William Henry Harrison would be terrified if he learned that we remember him as “that guy who died after one month in office.” (arksien)

Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton portrait


Alexander Hamilton wouldn’t even know where to start with us right now. (sharilynj)

“Why can’t I get tickets for my own f**king show?” (CaptainApathy419)