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Famous Fictional Characters Who Probably Grew Up to Be Gay

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“Let It Go” and Come Out Already!

Most sources estimate that around 15–23% of the world’s population identifies as gay or is at least attracted to their own gender. We can’t even begin to wonder how many of these people are still in the closet or haven’t otherwise come to terms with their orientation yet.

And not that we’d ever try and out anyone, but we took a good hard look back at some of our favorite fictional characters from our childhood and started wondering… who among them grew up to be gay?

We hope these beloved characters have grown up to accept themselves and are living their gay lives to the fullest! Don’t forget to SHARE after reading!

gay characters peppermint patty peanuts

Source: Twitter @threadless

Start the slideshow below to see some of your favorite characters that you just knew were hiding something!

1. Sebastian

gay characters sebastian little mermaid crab

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures/ Photofest

Everything’s gayer with this crab music player under the sea. Think about it, with a name like Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustaceus Sebastian and an uptight demeanor like his, it’s pretty obvious that Sebastian is just another closeted crab in Atlantica. He may have orchestrated “Kiss de Girl,” but methinks Sebastian wanted Prince Eric all for himself.

2. Rabbit

gay characters rabbit winnie the pooh


Statistically, the Hundred Acre Wood is bound to have at least one gay resident, and Rabbit is our pick. He’s often bossy and uptight, focused on “fixing” his friends’ “problems,” which makes us wonder: what is Rabbit trying to hide? If he would stop projecting his need to be “fixed” and addressed his own issues, we think he’d be a whole lot happier. Although he’s a dedicated friend and his intentions are good, Rabbit’s good side is often overlooked because he’s a control freak about his garden, and let’s face it, carrots are pretty phallic. Who knows what’s going on inside that rabbit hole?