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Famous Films That Used Incredibly Cheap Props and You Had No Idea

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Movie magic at its finest.

Movies as we know them are the fantastic joint efforts of many talented individuals, tireless planning, and, more often than not, last-minute ingenuity.

One of the most fascinating things that movies and TV shows have the ability to do is transport us to new (or old) worlds or universes, take us through time and space, and introduce us to never-before-seen tools and technology… but wait—something here looks familiar.

When it comes to making movies feel complete, the props department is trusted with the intimidating task of filling every scene with innumerable trinkets that give the set the feeling of reality (or fantasy). Prop departments turn barren walls and desolate sound studios into detailed-filled real movie worlds.

But they don’t always have a large budget to do it, and many times, prop masters are forced to use anything and everything at hand to bring these fictional worlds to life. This means that some of the props we see in films and TV shows, whether major plot points or mere decorations hung in the background, are slightly-altered or even spray-painted versions of items we’re used to seeing every day.

Redditors were asked to point out what movie props were obvious cheap (but clever!) alterations to everyday items, and all the examples they came up with will have you watching your favorite movies in a whole new way.

movie props empire strikes back ice cream maker

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You could have this ‘Star Wars’ prop in your own house…

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

movie props empire strikes back ice cream maker

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During the evacuation of Cloud City, a resident is running with an object that looks like an ice cream maker.

The character gained so much popularity, he gained a name, Willrow Hood, and a backstory. Turned out the device he was carrying had Rebel contacts listed and he dumped it into a disposal unit. He was captured and tortured but survived without revealing a thing. (annoyingrelative)

I have his action figure. He’s comes with his ice cream maker. (TerdVader)

The Fifth Element (1997)

movie props fifth element combo lock

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In the fifth element, the Mangalore terrorists set a bomb timer that is literally just a combination lock with an LED on it. (Technamancy)

I remember noticing that, but I thought it was just like, scrapped together tech. Kind of a piece of retro futurism. (GloriousGeOrge)