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Fan Bases That Have COMPLETELY Lost Touch With Reality

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worst fan bases serial killers

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fullofwind: Serial Killers. Not talking about those with the morbid fascination, that is understandable. I am talking about the ones that send fan mail to serial killers and want to marry them. Those are some fucked up people to do that.


worst fan bases olicity emily bett rickards stephen amell arrow

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jc1593: “Olicity” from the show Arrow.

I’ve never seen any community as toxic as the olicity fan base, and I’ve been to enough gaming forums and seen too many nerds arguing over the most irrelevant bits of detail but I’ve never seen fan base like the olicity fan base who are so twisted that they’ll attack things that are completely unrelated to the things that they love, they’ll try to cyber bully some actress and even families of actors they love because they think they don’t deserve him; they’ll attack comicbook writers because they don’t include their favorite tv character in the comic book. Look at any twitter tread that consists of olicity fans will instantly give you cancer. Worst part is the writers of the show Arrow actually believe these people represent their whole fan base and letting them collectively change how the show works.

Spreading Hate

worst fan bases westboro baptist church


youre2quiet: Westboro baptist church – yikes