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Fascinating Tidbits of Psychological Facts

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The Human Brain Never Ceases to Amaze!

Let’s face it: as humans, we’re fascinated with ourselves. After all, we’re the only sentient beings that we can study both externally and through introspection.

The field of psychology is dedicated to understanding the human mind and behavior, and as we grow more as individuals and a species, we constantly learn more about ourselves. While many of us are familiar with or have studied the big psychology theories, effects, and themes—like all things Freudian, or mob mentality (Think Trump supporters)—you may never have heard of these many abstract concepts that most of us pertain to without know it.

Ever noticed a social trend but couldn’t quite put your thumb on it? Or ever catch yourself doing something you know everyone else does, but you’re not quite sure why? These are the psych tidbits you need to read!

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How many of these have you done without knowing?


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It’s been shown that blushing makes us more likable. Since it can only happen naturally and we can’t fake a blush, people are more inclined to respond positively to our genuine reaction.

The Lake Wobegon Effect

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Named for the fictitious town from the radio program A Prairie Home Companion “where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average,” the Lake Wobegon Effect is the human tendency by which individuals are highly likely to report themselves as being above average in a number of different traits, such as looks, brains, certain abilities, etc.

Statistically, it would be impossible for everyone to be above average, and yet individuals—especially high schoolers—are inclined to overestimate their own abilities. This is also known as illusory superiority or the “above average” effect.