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Fascinating Tidbits of Psychological Facts

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Bystander Effect

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Source: Twitter @AgatheLautrea

The more people there are around you while you’re having an emergency, the less likely anyone is to help.

Following the Leader

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Source: Twitter @19thayshire

We are very influenced by what other people are doing, especially when in large groups when mob mentality can easily set in. It’s been shown that the leader of a movement isn’t necessarily the person who influences us most, but rather the first people who begin to follow them. We want to go along with what our peers are doing, so early supporters often give us encouragement to join the cause.

In American politics, it’s been proven that in the final weeks before an election, people are most influenced by the candidate their peers speak to them most positively about.

Self-Disclosure and Social Exchange

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Source: Twitter @Enriiquegil17

The value of our relationships are based on how good each party is at self-disclosure, that is, the breadth and depth of topics covered and details told will establish how much intimacy there is in a relationship.

Before we even get to the point of friendship or intimacy, social exchange shows that our willingness to engage in human interaction is based on a conscious and unconscious cost-benefit analysis that we can perform in the moments before deciding to speak with or meet someone.