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Fast Food Employee Confessions You Might Not Want To Read

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What’s in the “special sauce”?

Even though many of us are trying to eat healthier and cleaner, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the occasional cheat day with quick, tasty, and cheap fast food. Those fries, though. Amirite?! We all know how bad the food is for us, but what about the actual places where they are cooked and served to us? Are they just as bad?

For decades there has been talk about how gross some fast food places are. While the actual kitchens have to be maintained to a certain standard for not only corporate, but also for the health department it doesn’t mean that they don’t get away with shady things. That’s not even to mention the things some of the employees do on the clock. Be warned: You might not want to get drive-through after reading these little taboo tidbits from anonymous sources on the internet.

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Get ready to be grossed out…

Too much downtime?

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Gotta make ends meet somehow I suppose.

Be patient, be nice

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Do people know when they are being jerks?