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Fear Factor: Popular Technology That Once Scared the World

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Do You Suffer from Technophobia?

From fear of radiation and cancer to the devil himself, people have always been afraid of new technology.

Really it’s not surprising. Strange and new mechanics can be frightening to see at work, especially when it suddenly becomes ubiquitous before our eyes. New inventions open up our minds to things we didn’t know could exist, and the harder it is to comprehend, the scarier it can be.

Then again, sometimes our unfounded fears are just plain ridiculous. A North Carolina town made headlines this week after newspapers reported that the local government considered banning solar panels due to fears about them killing plant life or, ahem, draining the Sun of its energy.

Sounds silly? Well it just might surprise you to hear what people thought about other common technology back when it was new.

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technophobia wifi

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Many fears about new technology come down to a common factor: radiation and invisible cancer-causing waves. With the rising omnipresence of Wi-Fi over the past few decades, countless people have admitted in interviews and studies that they worry about exposure to electrosensitivity that could lead to tumors and cancer.

The World Health Organization has since ruled that long-term exposure to Wi-Fi at low levels has posed no risked to humans, although the matter is still studied.


technophobia tv

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“Get back or you’ll ruin your eyes!” We’ve all heard this one before, especially as kids, and it is true that prolonged staring at any sort of TV or monitor can leave you feeling a little strained or dazed.

Only, guess what: there’s no proof that sitting close to a TV is bad for your eyes. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has revealed that children are more adept than adults at focusing up close without causing eyestrain. Take that, parents!