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Feminist Nuns Who Grow Weed Become Subject of ‘High’ Art

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sisters of the valley cbd products

Source: Instagram @sistersofthevalley

When calling the Sisters’ work a business, this is what people are referring to. The Sisters of the Valley are well known in the weed world for their weed-based products consisting of salves and tonics high in CBD (cannabidiol): an extract from the plant that doesn’t affect psychoactive functions or psychological abilities. In fact, their products contain little to no THC at all.

To keep in touch with the spiritual aspect, the Sisters only bottled their mixtures during full moons, and they pray every time a jar is sold. All products are organic and lab-tested.

Unfortunately for the Sisters, they’ve met a fair amount of pushback.

21st-Century Persecution

sisters of the valley marijuana plant harvest

Source: Instagram @sistersofthevalley

Even in California, a state well known for its general tolerance towards marijuana, the sisters have had legal problems. The Etsy site they used to sell their products was shut down, and the town of Merced temporarily banned medical marijuana card holders from growing their own cannabis as of last January.

“It’s frustrating to me because there are all of these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly God’s gift,” said Sister Darcy.

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