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Romulan Ale and Other Fictional Foods Made Real

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One of the most enticing details that can make good fiction even better is food.

Foaming drinks, scrumptious snacks, magical meals, alien cuisine— all from a wildly imaginative gastronomy that we mere humans could only wish to taste in our lifetime. Good food is universal, even when the fiction takes place halfway across the universe.

Thankfully for our tastebuds, we live in an age where many dedicated culinary artists spend their time and talent bringing some of the most famous fictional food to life.

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Photo by Instagram: heidhorch

Keep reading to see which of your favorite food and drinks from fiction they’ve made real!

The Grey Stuff

fictional foods grey stuff

Photo by Instagram: kendra.jain

“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious.” Those are some words to live by. You can actually eat this dessert at Disney. There are also easy recipes online! Bon appétit!


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Source Instagram/ heidhorch/ th3_m4yor

Step up your beer game and buy some real Duff beer, as seen in The Simpsons. This popular fan item has ended up as the basis of plenty of legal battles for the Simpsons creator Matt Groening.