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9 Fictional Presidents We Wish We Could Vote For

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7. Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) – The American President

presidents douglas

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President Shepherd set the bar so high for real-life presidents that it’s almost embarrassing. Not only is he the most eligible bachelor on the planet, but President Shepherd performs his duties with flying colors even while dealing with personal issues like widowerhood and dating. Is there anything Michael Douglas can’t do?

6. David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) – 24

presidents haysbert

Credit: Fox Broadcasting/ Photofest

One of the main protagonists of 24, President Palmer is a man with experience. With degrees from Georgetown and the University of Maryland School of Law, not to mention time as both a Congressman and Senator, Palmer has values and maintains his character despite familial issues and multiple terrorist threats.

5. Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) – Battlestar Galactica

presidents roslin

Source: Twitter @catelynstxrks

Although she never could have anticipated becoming president at 43rd in the line of succession, Laura Roslin answered the call with gusto and vigorously leads the survivors of the human race in the Twelve Colonies despite battling breast cancer.