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Fifty Shades of Spray Tan: Erotic Trump Novella Becomes Bestseller

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This was the original cover concept for the novella after fans helped pick that Trump should seduce a bellboy.

trump temptations 4

Source: Twitter @aguywithnolife

The cover has since changed, but is no less provocative.

As the reviews began to pour in, the resulting was overwhelmingly positive, much to Elijah’s chagrin.

trump temptations 5

Source: Twitter @aguywithnolife

The bestseller currently has 5/5 stars from 231 reviews on You could buy yourself a copy for just $1.99 and enjoy the sexy satire for yourself. This should make up for Trump not appearing in the debate.

The best part?

trump temptations final

Source: Twitter @aguywithnolife

Daniel was positively giddy during the writing process, which he live tweeted, but he was even more surprised by the reaction the novella got on Amazon. Apparently they reached out to Trump for comments, and though we doubt he’d respond, we’d love to hear what he has to say.

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