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FINALLY– The LEGO Invention We’ve Been Waiting For

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It Only Took 66 Years

lego slippers 3

Source: Twitter @nerdist

Many of us have experienced it. The unspeakable pain. The torture. The abominable lack of humanity. The cold plastic beneath our feet.

LEGO bricks are one of the most popular toys on the planet, but they are also a method of cruel and inhumane torture that the Geneva Code should consider banning from floors where unsuspecting parents and babysitters might step.

But now, LEGO has finally introduced their solution to this age-old problem. Start the slideshow below to see how LEGO is revolutionizing their own industry.

Anti-LEGO Slippers

lego slippers 1

Source: Twitter @Telegraph

Finally! No longer will we have to suffer from the pain of stepping, kneeling, or sitting on the cold, sharp blocks that we know and love.

LEGO has teamed up with the French company Brand Station to solve a problem that they started in the first place.

The LEGO Cure-All

lego slippers 2

Source: Twitter @HuffPostUKTech

Finally acknowledging LEGO’s greatest threat since people started sticking them in their nose and ears, kids and parents alike can forget the days of calmly walking around the bedroom or playroom only to lodge an uncomfortable brick right into the bridge of their feet.

While the anti-LEGO slippers may seem like a gift from above, especially before the impending holiday season, there is just one catch that consumers should be aware of…