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Find Out Why Carrie Fisher’s Adorable Dog Is Inspiring A Movement

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May The Cute Be With You

On Friday, December 4, Princess Leia… I mean, Carrie Fisher, was on Good Morning America as part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens promotional tour and she brought along someone who doesn’t appear in the movie, but is definitely out-of-this-world. Read the full story below to find out why Fisher’s dog, Gary, is making a splash with Star Wars fans and dog lovers around the world and beyond!

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Meet Gary

Gary is Carrie’s adorable pet pooch, and he and his tongue accompanied Fisher to a Good Morning America interview on Friday, December 4th. After the world saw how unique and adorable little Gary is, the internet responded with Tweets of support.

Tongue Brothers!


Suddenly Twitter users worldwide were tweeting pics of their own adorable and tongue-twisting (and tongue-sticking) poochies.