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First-World Beauty Fails

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Beyoncé Said It Best: Pretty Hurts

If being beautiful is so hard why does Pinterest have to make it look so easy? People will always go to nutty extremes to try and perfect themselves (sometimes to their own detriment). Beauty tips and secrets are constantly being passed about on social media, and just like any good #PinterestFail they’re are some major #BeautyFails out there. The hidden message? Don’t believe everything you read, and be careful when it comes to your body and your beauty, otherwise you might end up like one of these girls…

kylie jenner lip challenge

Source: Instagram @weareyoung

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15. Nail Fail

mangled matzoh nails


We’re curious as to why someone would want their nails to look like matzoh to begin with. But ya know, l’chaim!

14. Tanner Fail

self tanner fail

Source: Instagram @jodielynn82

Always, ALWAYS wash your hands afterwards. Or the sun works pretty well we hear.