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Florists Reveal the Saddest Thing They’ve Written on Message Cards

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Weddings, Funerals, and One-Night-Stands

There are many professionals out there who get an unexpected glimpse into the personal lives of their clients. Hairstylists are constantly giving dramatic makeovers to girls coming off of a bad breakup. Doctors see some of the highs and lows of families brought together by new life and torn apart by death.

But one overlooked profession that has a particularly strong tie into the world of human sorrow and heartbreak is the florist. Florists cater to the range of those whose loved ones have passed or are ill to one-night-stands gone wrong or almost-lovers.

One Reddit user inquisitively posed the question “Florists of Reddit: What’s the saddest thing you’ve ever had to write on those little message cards?” Florists, those unsung champions of human emotion, came crawling out of the woodwork to share their most lasting memories from the line of duty.

The result is truly a roller coaster of emotional catharsis. Ready to have your heart broken?

Floral arrangement with sad message attached

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Keep Reading for these florists’ most heart-wrenching anecdotes.

Baby’s Last Breath

floral arrangement with sad message attached to it

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My mom was a floral arrangement ‘specialist’ at Kroger. A young woman came in asking for lilies and rosebuds with baby’s breath. My mom put it together for her and asked what she wanted on the card. The woman replied, ‘To Lily, the breath of your baby shall forever bloom, in our hearts and yours.’

She told my mom her sister’s daughter died of SIDS the day before. (berthejew)

Daddy Lessons

floral arrangement with sad message attached to it

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“I was working for a florist and it was around Father’s Day. Someone ordered flowers and I was instructed to write, ‘Dad, thanks for keeping the abuse physical,’ on the card.” (Capt_Misinformation)