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Following Brexit, a Disturbing Pattern of Racism Is Sweeping Great Britain

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The Polish Embassy Responds

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Source: Facebook @Worrying Signs

Luckily, some organizations are standing up against the racism:

“We are shocked and deeply concerned by the recent incidents of xenophobic abuse directed against the Polish community and other UK residents of migrant heritage. The Polish Embassy is in contact with relevant institutions, and local police are already investigating the two most widely reported cases in Hammersmith, London, and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

At the same time, we would like to thank for all the messages of support and solidarity with the Polish community expressed by the British public.

We call on all Polish nationals who fall victim of xenophobic abuse and on all witnesses to report such incidents to local authorities.”

So Hateful

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Source: Facebook @Worrying Signs

It’s enough to leave you speechless. After being bumped out of the way, this person of Chinese descent was told,

“We voted leave, so you’d better move your f*****g c***k a** out the way, and back to China.”

Fighting Back

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Source: Facebook @Worrying Signs

This man shut down the people who yelled at him first:

“Just walked back from town and some guys screamed at me to ‘f**k off home, we’re making Britain white again’

Telling them to f**k off back to their ‘uneducated and likely-inbred benefit-scrounging council estate house’ was a kindness I think. I was f*****g born and raised in this country.”