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For Your Health, Do NOT Do This After Drinking Wine

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“Wine makes all things possible.” ― George R.R. Martin

Ah, wine. Many of us enjoy a nice glass (or two) as part of our winding down ritual after a long day of work. Some of us adore wine so much that we go to wine tasting events and classes, wanting to learn more and more about the centuries old beverage. Wine is also the most classic pairing for nice foods, goes hand in hand with cheese, and is said to have numerous health benefits. Amazingly, 4 billion bottles are consumed in a year in just the US alone. With all these good things, what’s the bad news regarding your favorite alcoholic beverage?

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What could go wrong?

A Brief History

14th century wine making


Wine production is traced back to as far as 6000 BC, with the first winery dating back to 4100 BC in Armenia. Because of the fun and woozy feeling you get from drinking wine, it has been considered a part of religions since the start. The ancient Egyptians used to make a wine-like concoction because it resembled blood.

Around 800 BC, the Phoenicians brought wine to the ancient Greeks, which quickly became a symbol of trade, health and religion. As the Greek empire started to grow, they brought wine and grape vines to them. Ancient Romans followed suit.

Then about 400 AD, as the Roman Empire began to convert to Christianity, wine is brought along as monks in Italy and France developed superior techniques. Once trade and travel became more and more frequent, wine made it’s way to the new world and the rest is history.

Health Benefits of Wine

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Science is constantly coming out with good news for wine lovers. Wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers. Moderate drinkers of wine who suffer from high blood pressure are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack. Additionally it helps prevent type 2 diabetes if you indulge in some red – The tannins in it contain something call procyanidins, which protects against heart disease.

Even more good news: Suffering from a blood clot–-related stroke drops by about 50% in people who consume moderate amounts of alcohol. Also wine consumption reduces your chances of getting cataracts and colon cancer. Additional studies have concluded that wine improves your short term memory, prevents acne, and combats depression.