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Former Trump Supporters of Reddit, What Was the Last Straw?

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Dump Trump

Donald Trump has come a long way since announcing his candidacy on June 16, 2015. And while he enjoyed many months of steadily rising upward in the polls, Trump’s bid for president has lately undergone some turbulence. Wouldn’t you know, he’s at the center of it all.

Many Trump supporters like him so much because he is a man who says exactly what’s on his mind, and fans [mis]take this for him being a man of his word who will do exactly what he promises. Others know better than to expect the real estate mogul to actually build a wall across our southern border or ban Muslims from our great country, but they still enjoy him for his straight-shooting bravado. If only we could all be so blunt and not have to follow society’s politically correct conventions, then we could be the rude racists we truly are in our hearts.

And yet Donald’s large mouth has gotten him into more than his fair share of trouble. In fact, it often feels like Donald is digging his own grave as his promises become more lofty and his threats become more terrifying. He usually manages to work his way out of his outlandish statements, often by claiming he was simply repeating what “somebody” told him or by flat-out denying he ever made the statement in the first place.

Luckily, many of his would-be supporters have since grown wiser than to fall for the reality TV star’s blustering swagger and poorly-disguised hatred and xenophobia. Here are some actual confessions from Redditors about why they switched to the other side.

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These former Trump supporters finally saw the light.

Running Partner

donald trump kissing mike pence

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A VP who doesn’t “believe” in evolution. I’m outta here. (OneBadKid)

In 2002, Pence said on the floor of the House that only intelligent design can come close to explaining the universe.

Bashing Veterans

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When Trump said Sen. John McCain wasn’t a real veteran because he was captured (JRA50)

Trump was unable to serve because of a foot condition.