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From Disney Princesses To Realistic Women

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Reimagining Disney princesses isn’t a new thing. They seem to be all the rage these days with artists and super fans. There’s tons out there: Everything from pin-up princesses to intricate dresses to changing their race. But artist Anoosha Syed is by far my favorite. What if Disney princesses weren’t special, royal and rich? What if they weren’t fantastical, but realistic and in modern times? What would their personalities translate to in our modern world? Anoosha is only 22-years-old but brings a retro style to her talented illustrations. Check out some of her amazing work that gives these empowered princesses awesome backstories that she supplied to BoredPanda. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram!

Modern Disney Princesses

Credit: Anoosha Syed

Keep on looking at your new female heroes!

Merida The Punk Rocker

modern disney princesses 001

Credit: Anoosha Syed

“Merida goes horseback riding every weekend with Angus (when she’s not being pestered by her brothers) and has an archery scholarship. Being the rebel she is, in this AU she discovers the world of british punk-rock. Mor’du is probably her favourite band, and though Merida’s mother always complains about it, Elinor is always humming the tunes the next day.”

Snow White the Social Media Queen

modern day disney princesses 002

Credit: Anoosha Syed

“Snow White, better known online as @poison_apple7, is a fashion blogger with a love for nature, vintage fashion and old movies. She is never seen without her iPhone, talking selfies with her roommates or posting her #ootd. Snow quickly gained a large following because of her humble nature, how she would promote self-love and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Though she tends to get into a lot of online drama with makeup guru, @therealevilqueen, Snow White is still the fairest of them all (at least according to their follower counts!)”