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From Disney Princesses To Realistic Women

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Ariel the Anthropologist

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Credit: Anoosha Syed

“Ever since she was little, Ariel knew she was going to be a marine biologist, just like her father. It wasn’t her dream, but she knew it made him happy. She even joined her school’s swim team, the Flounders for him. But after taking an Anthropology class in her freshman year, she knew she had to change her major. Her sisters think it’s because of Eric, the cute T.A for the class, but that’s not true. Ariel loved studying humans and different cultures. It was just so fascinating learning about people, and she knew this was the world where she belonged. She couldn’t wait to go someplace exciting on the annual anthropology trip; maybe get a souvenir for her collection! Her father wouldn’t be happy about it, but he’ll come around…. eventually.”

Pocahontas the Linguist

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Credit: Anoosha Syed

“Pocahontas, with her love of languages and her heritage, works part time as a translator while studying Linguistics in college. She’s not all work though; Pocahontas is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and loves to go mountain hiking, kayak through dangerous rivers or go cliff diving! Her dream is to work as cultural advisor in the film industry, making sure that Hollywood movies are respectful of other cultures and stay accurate to their source material. (Don’t worry, that raccoon tail on her bag is totally fake!)”

Esmeralda the Ballet Dancer

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Credit: Anoosha Syed

“As a child, Esmeralda has arrived in France as a refugee, but she has come a long way since then. She is the coryphée at a prestigious ballet company in Paris and has worked hard to get there despite the prejudice she faced along the way. She has never forgotten her roots, which is why she’s always in the front lines for every pro-migrant protest and rally, volunteering at refuge camps or being an active member of the social justice community. Esmeralda loves Paris, but her favourite place in the whole city is definitely the beautiful Notre Dame.”