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Fun Facts Fans May Not Know About J.J. Abrams

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5. A film family.

jj abrams wife katie mcgrath

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images

J.J.’s love of film was always in his blood. His father Gerald W. Abrams is a TV producer and his mother Carol Ann Abrams was an executive producer before her death in 2012. His sister Tracy Rosen is a screenwriter.

4. Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

jj abrams with george lucas

Credit: Ethan Miller/ Getty Images

Abrams wasn’t a fan of Star Trek until he began directing the reboot movie franchise in 2009.

He has, however, been a lifelong Star Wars fan, ever since seeing the first film in 1977 when he was 11 years old.

3. A young start.

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Credit: Marianna Massey/ Getty Images

Abrams got his first camera (a Super 8) when he was just eight years old, and his first job in the movies came in the form of composing for Nightbeast when he was 15 in 1982. He also composed the theme music for Felicity, his first television series, Alias, Fringe, and Lost.