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Fun Science Facts Sure to Blow Your Mind

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The mad scientist is an archetype we typically come to learn about as kids through various works of fiction. You might picture an old, wizened man, with a shock of unkempt white hair, exaggeratedly large glasses or goggles, a stained lab coat, and plenty of potions and experiments overflowing with steam or bubbling up and down all around him.

Science, from physics to chemistry to biology, makes up the very foundation of our world; from the most mundane of happenings that occur over the course of millennia (but change history) to the most instantaneous and spectacular of reactions.

Do you like science? Unfortunately, many of us may have lost interest in the discipline after too many years of complicated chemistry equations or staring into petri dishes in middle and high school lab class, but for those smart and dedicated enough to pursue the study or even a career in the field, science can truly be mind blowing.

From alien-like magnetic fluid to ladders of fire climbing through the sky, these are the coolest mad scientist facts and experiments you wish you could have done in science class!

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Prince Rupert’s Drop

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Prince Rupert’s Drop occurs when molten glass is dropped into cold water and forms a bulb and tail. The bulb becomes strong enough to withstand a blow from a hammer, but if the tail is even slightly damaged, the whole thing explodes.

Triple Point

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This liquid is boiling and freezing simultaneously because it’s reaching its ‘triple point,’ which is the temperature and pressure at which three phases of a substance (gas, liquid, and solid) co-exist in equilibrium.