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Funniest Dad Ever Recreates Daughter’s Selfies and Nails It

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Life imitates life

Everyone likes to think of themselves as funny. But I’m actually funny. And I get my sense of humor from my dad. And I’m not talking about the typical dad jokes that you roll your eyes out. My dad would do things like backtalk the workers at McDonald’s drive thrus for his own entertainment. So I get really happy when I see that other women have hilarious dads as well. Such is the case with Cassie Martin and her dad Burr. Cassie is a selfie queen on social media and but her dad is making even bigger waves. Check out this hilarious dad that is trolling his own daughter.

cassie and burr martin selfies in mirror

Source: Twitter @CassandraOlay

Advantage: Burr


cassie martin selfie

Source: Instagram @cassiethegypsy

Burr Martin is making waves by imitating his daughter’s social media selfies. Cassie is your typical young woman, so she likes talking lots of sweet, innocent looking selfies. Check out how pretty she is!

Nailed It

burr martin making fun of cassie martin selfie

Source: Twitter @CassandraOlay

These types of girly selfies are everywhere on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But in the spirit of feminism, why can’t guys pose in the same way? In comes Burr who has taken it upon himself to make fun of his own baby girl’s poses. Leaf crown? Check. Tattoo? Check. Kissy face? Check. Revealing white shirt? Check. But he one-ups her with the side eye.