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Funny Office Supply Creations

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The pen is mightier than the sword…in your office, at least.

It’s human nature to slack off. Some of you have grueling office jobs where you can’t even take a lunch break, but then why are you reading this? For those of you who stumbled upon this out of boredom, there’s other things you can do with your free time at work besides fool around on the internet. I’m talking about getting creative with your office supplies. Instead of stealing Post-Its and pens, put them to good use and make some rad desk tchotchkes.

star wars xwing made out of office supplies

Source: Imgur @brightpornchaser

Check out these innovative ways to utilize those office supplies!

A Mini Metropolitan City

mini city made out of staples

Source: Imgur

How many paper documents are you collating these days, anyway?

A Crossbow to Bug That Guy You Hate

office supply crossbow

Source: Imgur @doky1301

Get the directions here.