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12-Year-Old Girl’s Shocking Attack Caught on Camera and School Didn’t Tell Parents for 10 DAYS

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How can kids be so cruel and adults so uncaring?

Many children will experience bullying at school; according to the Do Something anti-bullying campaign, 3.2 million American children are bullied each year, and the incidents typically occur a few times every month. They will often skip school in order to avoid their bullies, but that can just lead to their own grades slipping or them feeling so depressed that they may begin to self-harm.

So much attention is placed on the after-effects of bullying when bullied children or adults will lash out at others or commit suicide. But there has to be a way to stop bullying at the source before people go to such lengths.

That unfortunately wasn’t the case for one young girl who suffered a huge injustice at the hands of her classmates and her school. Her parents are speaking out about the girl’s school allowing such violence to go on, worried about what will come of the indifference they’re showing their bullied students.

Credit: WHAS

Would you allow this unsupervised violence to go on at your children's school?