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13 Seriously Dumb “Man-ified” Products

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Because masculinity is so f***ing fragile

Gender roles dictate a lot of our daily lives. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly invested in your gender identity (or examining that identity), chances are that your internalized concept of what is acceptable behavior for yourself, or others, is heavily influenced by the culture in which you were raised. Now, of course, these gendered expectations vary somewhat from place to place, but there is one constant that is to be expected basically everywhere on Earth: “real men” don’t do “girly s***.”

The definition of the “girly s***” might change, as might the definition of a “real man,” but no matter where you look on this planet, some kind of line has been drawn in the sand regarding what behavior is “masculine” and what is “feminine.” So, what happens when (as it has in the US, for example) all the nice, flowery, pretty, soft, cozy, lovely things in life get designated as “feminine,” while dirt, pain, sports, business acumen, and stunted emotional intelligence get designated as “masculine?”

Well, you get a whole lot of insecure men who just want a bubble bath… But like, a “manly” bubble bath, you know?

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