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14 Captivating Photos of Cities Then vs Now

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Changing Skylines

The world is constantly changing.

Though we may accept progress as something natural and always-occurring, it’s easy to forget that we are living through an ongoing technological revolution unprecedented in the course of human history.

Without a doubt, the 20th century had to have been the 100 years in which mankind brought about and witnessed the most change. Though it all started with the Industrial Revolution a century beforehand, both peacetime and wartime advancements from 1900 to 2000 were unlike anything the world had ever seen. And while so much of Europe and Asia were decimated by these wars, new technology allowed us to build up our cities bigger, taller, and better than ever before.

Check out these incredible before and after of some of the world’s most famous cities. You won’t believe the change these people have been through in their lifetime! Do they even recognize their hometowns?

rio de janeiro before and after

Source: Imgur/ TheyWillKnowMeByTheTrailOfDead

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